Capture Everything Caitlin-Jayde
18 years old
Lives in Adelaide/Australia
"In a moment i'm lost,
Dying from the inside"
I like to write short poems and I listen to hardcore, indie and metal music
If you wanna know more ask away..
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A senseless love, Written by myself

Without you I’m searching for nothing


Without you I’m finding something


Without you everything I have goes missing


Will you stay with me for more then a night?


Will you love me tomorrow and tomorrow night?


What goes through your head when you think of me?


Is it good thoughts or do you wish to flee


Is my love stronger then hers


Or is it weak like a weightless bird


Am I enough for the boy who needs all?


Or blindly walking into a trap and waiting to fall


Are you as infatuated in me as I am in you?


Does your heart beat fast like mine does too?


The story is left unsaid


As your name races through my head


An image of you and me sits in your bed


Every moment we spend together just insinuates were meant to be


Even if you think we need to see


See how this goes before we make you and me into us


Or it will all go under the bus


Leave things as it is


Because it’s easier now


Easier to be


Easier without me

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caitlinjayde26 need more Skype pals :)
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anyone who has the guts to show pure emotion through the writing of music or poetry you have a beautiful soul <3

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